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I am an experimental musician, visual artist, translator and writer, currently pursuing an MA degree in Composition and Creative Music Practice at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. I hold a BA degree in Scandinavian languages and literature, which I obtained in 2009 at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, with Swedish as my main language (currently on B2/C1 level of spoken fluency). I’ve been working as a freelance translator, with experience in various translation fields (educational, technical, juridical and medical translations, advertising, website localization, general translation, among others), mostly to and from Swedish. I speak Norwegian as well (currently on B1/B2 level of spoken fluency), and I understand written Danish.

During my BA studies I was in direct touch with various facets of Scandinavian/Nordic culture and way of thinking/lifestyle, especially language(s) and literature(s), but also mythology, visual art, film, design, music, as well as politics and social structure, and how they all developed throughout history, from ancient to modern times. In this sense we focused mainly on Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but Iceland, Finland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands were included in our studies to a certain extent as well. As a student I also got to spend about 6 months altogether in Sweden in my 2nd and 4th academic year (with occasional trips to Norway), at two different folk high schools (“folkhögskolor“ in Swedish), in which I got to use Swedish on a daily basis, being even more in touch with all aspects of life in Sweden and the Scandinavian/Nordic region in general.

My main topics of interest have been languages, music, film and visual art in the Nordic region. Through my work as a freelance translator (and spare time activities) I’ve managed to stay in touch with some of these, to a limited extent, which I’m hoping to change very soon. One of the reasons why I want to work on that is the following: ever since I started delving deeper into Irish culture, language and arts, especially music (both “old“ and modern/experimental traditional), I’ve noticed that certain Irish trad/folk music-influenced, experimentally inclined bands are keen on exploring Nordic music and musical instruments, and incorporating them into their sound. This Irish-Nordic (and vice versa) musical connection and its potentials is something I definitely want to explore more, and hopefully carry the exploration further into other branches of Irish and Nordic art, such as literature, language, visual art and film. I’m also interested in the mythologies and ancient pasts of both Ireland and Northern/Nordic regions, as well as indigenous Nordic cultures. That is something I didn’t get to explore in as much detail as I’d like to during my BA studies, and I’m eager to rekindle that interest and work on it. I want to learn more about the cultures, arts (especially music) and languages of Ireland and Northern/Nordic regions, in order to discover the points of their intersection, and what that can bring forth - especially in terms of creative/artistic collaborations between these regions.

I would thus like to facilitate and participate in creative (and other) collaborations between Ireland and Nordic/Northern regions, as a translator/philologist of Scandinavian languages (hoping to start speaking Irish at some point as well), writer and experimental multimedia artist/musician.

Jelena Perišić

Jelena Perišić

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