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Michelle is a PhD researcher at NUI Galway, her project investigates the impact and variability of warmer than present environments for north-western Europe. The overall aim of this research is to assess the response of natural modes of climate variability: the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) and Thermohaline Circulation during periods of enhanced warming in the Arctic. Targeting two interglacial periods of the past 500 thousand years, namely the Holocene (11.7 thousand years ago – present) and MIS 11 (~390 – 440 thousand years ago), the reconstructions will enable us to identify baseline conditions during periods of enhanced warming of the climate system.

Michelle obtained a BA in Geography and Irish from NUI Maynooth (2012-2015), with a focus on physical Geography and an MSc in Marine and Coastal Environments at NUI Galway (2015-2016). Michelle is contactable at or follow her on twitter @PalaeoShel.


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Michelle Curran

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