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Hi, I'm Dr Sarah Milne. I have a PhD in International relations in the Arctic region from the University of Limerick. My academic interests include political and security cooperation in the Arctic region both past and present. I currently work as a maritime researcher at the Halpin Centre for Research and Innovation at the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) which is part of the Munster Technology University campus (MTU).

I am currently involved in a Horizon Europe project called AI-ARC of which Halpin/MTU is a project partner. AI-ARC aims to create a Virtual Control Room (VCR) for Arctic Coast guards and civilian mariners to help improve safety and security in the the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean in addition to the Baltic Sea.

  • Chair (Humanities)
    Chair (Humanities)
    Chair of the Social Sciences & Humanities Working Group.
  • Steering Committee
    Steering Committee
    Member of the NARI Steering Committee.
  • Humanities WG
    Humanities WG
    Member of the Social Sciences & Humanities Working Group.

Sarah Milne

Chair (Humanities)
Steering Committee
Humanities WG
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