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I am currently working as Principal Scientist, Chemistry at NatPro, the Trinity Centre for Natural Product Research. I did my Ph.D. under DAAD Sandwich Program (India-Germany) in Natural Product Chemistry with specialization in Carbohydrate Chemistry in 2017. Post Ph.D., I worked as an Assistant Professor at Department of Chemistry, Doon University, India (2017-2018), and as a National Post-Doctoral Fellow (NPDF) at ESSO-NCPOR, India (2019-2020) on Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) from Antarctic and Himalayan microbes. I am a trained carbohydrate chemist with 10 year research experience on isolation, purification, degradation, derivatization and characterization of polysaccharides from the natural biomass.

At NatPro, we have a well established infrastructure for natural products isolation and characterisation including polysaccharides. We are happy to collaborate in related studies.

Key words: Exopolysaccharides, natural products, biodiversity, microbial EPS, extracellular polymeric substances, biogeochemical cycle


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Dr. Shipra Nagar

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