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NARI is a platform for Irish-based researchers to enhance their interdisciplinary collaborative efforts, provide objective and independent scientific advice on issues of science in the Arctic and to promote the next generation of scientists working in the Arctic.


The coordination of research efforts on a regional, national and international scale is becoming increasingly urgent in order to address the emerging environmental and societal pressures on the Arctic region, which have global significance and impacts. NARI will support a greater scientific understanding of the Arctic region and its role in the Earth system.

The mission of NARI is therefore to create, maintain and develop an informal all-island Irish-based network of Arctic Researchers to facilitate collaboration, sharing and coordination of scientific activities linked to the Arctic, and to provide independent scientific advice to the public and policy makers.

The activities by members is showcased within three main working groups structured around Marine, Terrestrial, and Humanities & Social Sciences research agendas that share the main objectives of the Arctic Council and the International Arctic Science Committee. This will facilitate national and international collaborative efforts and provide thematic platforms for policy makers and the public to contact relevant experts.


NARI is supported by the Marine Institute of Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

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