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Our members are engaged in various projects, on-going and finished in the Arctic region. A full list of projects are available below.

This page is currently in-progress and will be continually updated with new projects.

The Irish Impact? Charting the course for the development of Arctic and Northern Studies in Ireland

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Dr. Sarah Milne and Dr. Chelsi Slotten

University of Limerick

Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Science, Library and Information Studies

History, archaeology, cultural and anthropological studies, Irish Foreign Policy and political science

In light of Ireland's recent application to the Arctic Council as an Observer Status, this project aims to explore how Ireland can potentially contribute to Arctic and Northern research in the field of Humanities and Social Science. We demonstrate that while political and economic interests may be a driving factor underlying Ireland's growing interest in the region, we also highlight that Ireland has a 'hidden history' with the Arctic North and that there is a rich heritage that needs to be acknowledged. An important part of this research is outlining how NARI could be better leveraged to promote future research into Irish/Northern and Arctic connections. We suggest two projects towards this end; the creation of an Irish Arctic digital library (ADL) and the development of a consortium of Irish universities that can deliver research and higher education programs in the Arctic and Northern studies within the Humanities and Social Sciences.

An analysis of historical and contemporary connections between Ireland and the Arctic will shed light on how Ireland can claim to have a Northern and Arctic heritage in addition to political and economic interests in the region. From this firm foundation, we establish the scope of Ireland’s potential contributions to Arctic and Northern research and consider ways in which this can reshape the Humanities and Social Sciences to strengthen and promote this newly established field in Irish higher education from an interdisciplinary approach.

This study will be available in an upcoming volume titled Library and Information Sciences for Arctic and Northern Studies. Edited by Spenser Arcadia and Genevieve Parente, this volume is expected to be published in 2022. It is a follow on from a previous book, edited by Spenser Arcadia and Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad (2020) titled Library and Information Studies for Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities published by Routledge.

Irish Foreign Policy, Library and Information Systems, History, Arctic and Northern Heritage

Image by Alex Azabache
Image by Alex Azabache
Image by Alex Azabache
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