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Andrew is a Research Fellow based at Queen's University Belfast. He completed his Ph.D. in Marine Geology and Geophysics from the University of Manchester in 2017. His work typically focuses on integrating geomorphological and stratigraphic information from 3D and 2D seismic reflection data and borehole/core data, both offshore and onshore, to better understand ancient environmental changes and the processes that drove them. He has worked on reconstructing glacial and oceanic history in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea, and offshore Greenland. He also applies this improved understanding of glacial geology to investigate the efficacy and risk associated with implementing Carbon Capture and Storage in the North Sea.

Like an x-ray imaging bones, the seismic data can be used to image buried seafloor layers going back millions of years. Here is one example of an ancient seafloor buried hundreds of metres below the Norwegian Sea. On this ancient seafloor a spiral-shaped landform is carved into the sediments. This was created by an iceberg scraping the seafloor 430,000 years ago as it was being moved by ocean currents. This scour preserves a record of ancient oceanography during the third last ice age and can be used to help reconstruct past environmental changes.


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Andrew Newton

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