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Our members are engaged in various projects, on-going and finished in the Arctic region. A full list of projects are available below.

This page is currently in-progress and will be continually updated with new projects.

Sedimentary Records of the Evolution of the Melville Bugt Ice Stream

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Matt Hunt; Andrew Newton

Queen's University Belfast, University of Aberdeen



Understanding the evolution and behaviour of ice streams over time and under certain pressures has urgent application in predicting the future of the present-day ice sheets. Ice streams are responsible for much of the behaviour of ice sheets, the future of which is uncertain. Given the amount of potential sea-level change stored within the ice sheets and the hundreds of millions of people who live within a metre of sea-level rise, it is imperative that we improve our understanding of ice streams behaviour. This project seeks to investigate the evolution of a palaeo-ice stream in Melville Bay, north-west Greenland, to further this understanding.

Investigation will proceed through analysis of a series of sedimentary cores, collected in Baffin Bay. These cores will be analysed geochemically, geophysically, and in terms of their palaeobiology.

The projects aims to determine how, why, and when the Melville Bugt Ice Stream retreated at the end of the last glacial period.


Greenland; Palaeoglaciology; Ice Streams

Image by Alex Azabache
Image by Alex Azabache
Image by Alex Azabache
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